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"Everyone can see, and yet we choose not to remember what we see."


What are they ? Aura's, human energy field etc.. basically the visible energy emanating from an object, a person or any kind of matter. For a little more scientific approach from school we all remember that everything is made up of atoms, netrons, electrons etc... millions of them, these 'particles' all have an energy charge and it's this which helps to create the aura. These energies are a reflection of what/who we are, they are affected by our lifestyle and surroundings.

The health and activity of the body is reflected in the aura, because of this diease can be detected often long before physical symptom are manifest. The aura does have several layers, as a whole it can be seen as coloured light surrounding a person. It can be different sizes depending on the individual varying from a few inches to a few feet. Colours mainly come from the Chakra centres.

One of the layers is called the etheric layer, which appears as pale transparant white up to an inch thick surrounding the body, we often see this layer around people but 'blink' it away thinking that our vision is blurred.

What do they look like ?

Aura's appear differently to each person depending on how sensitive they are. Since we were young we've been told that those wonderful colours around people didn't exist so although we all see them we have to a degree conditioned our brains not to reflect those images. We can of course practice and eventually regain this skill but it may take a little time. It's through a combination of using your normal and clairvoyant sight via the brow chakra or third eye that the images are seen. You can see almost as well in the dark as the light - try it sometime. I do find that dusk is a fairly good time to practice although you may start viewing your subjects past life images but thats another topic !

Chakras are covered in another page but as they are relative to this topic I'd like to say that in order for them to be seen in somebody they must be open and active and you have to been fairly practiced in seeing.

How do you see them ?

To see the aura of a person or object, colour etc. you use the same technique which is part of your clairvoyant ability. It maybe worth initially trying colourful objects before moving onto the human aura as they can be easier however I've found it a little confusing seeing the auric colour of colours.
Below are the basic auric colours of colour obviously this depends on the vibrancy of the coloured objects you use, but it's a helpful guide.
Colour - Aura

Orange........Pale Green
Yellow..........Pale Blue

Some say that the aura's we see are just after images caused by staring at an object for a period of time however once you are practised this theory does develop holes due to people being able to see instantly the auric field.

Aura's are seen by the peripheral vision, as an example look to the side and past the object you wish to 'see' but try not to focus to much. It's like looking at a tree, all it's branches & leaves swaying in the breeze, look at the whole not anyone particular branch or leave.
Our peripheral vision is very sensitive and it with this type of vision that we can see not only auras but other energy types and forms. For instance how many times have you seen something move out the corner of your eye but when you've turned and looked in that direction it isn't there ? This is often your vision seeing an energy or spirit form or object aura.

What we see.

The overall colour of an aura represents a mixture of all the colours emanating from the energy centres or chakras of course the dominant colour emanating from the most energetic centre or chakra will influence the overall colour (another reason why people see aura's differently, depending on your abilities you may just see the dominant colour etc.).
This is a basic colour guide interpretation for the overall colour which is :-

Red - vitality , raw energy.

Orange - sensual side

Yellow - personality power, emotions, intellect, mental ability.

Green - spirituality, love, affinity with nature,
natural healer.

Blue - highly spiritual, religious, natural teacher & healer.

Violet - very highly spiritual, psychic, clairvoyance,
religious, teacher and natural healer.

Gold - highly advanced spirituality and psychic
abilities - an adept.

Although this interpretation is fairly accurate you cannot really understand someone's aura from a snapshot of looking at them because the aura is constantly changing and if for example someone is particularly tired or upset this will be reflected in there aura. Inexperienced people do make this mistake when describing someone aura. So when we visit the psychic fair and have our aura photo taken or viewed remember this, also if you take a picture home don't focus on it and say this is me because it may affect your own development as we are constantly changing and evolving you don't want to be thinking that the fixed picture is you!

For those people you know who indulge in alcohol and recreational drugs you will probably be able to see cloudy bits and the occasional tear (caused by the rapid expansion of the field).
I've found that health problems seem to appear as grey cloudiness around the illness site.

Everyday hints - Auras :-

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