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Stories Of Travels



Glastonbury- How to spend your stay.

Mexico - Having been recently visited by friends here are some tales & recommendations.

Stonehenge - Pic.

USA - Having been recently visited by friends here are some tales & recommendations.Mt. Shasta, Sedona

Recommended Reading

Stories Of Travels


A must for everyone, take the tour but walk around clockwise on the way out.

Glastonbury - the heart chakra of the planet

Make sure you visit, many people make a pilgrimage here from allover, Glastonbury is a very significant place both historically and spiritually. Sit in the Chalice Well Gardens visitChalice Hill(4th Seal), the abbey(find the ley lines in the grounds - which feels more comfortable), Wyrral Hill. Search out the area which represents your sign of the zodiac. Spend time upon the Tor(sunrise & sunset are great times), Wander down the high street and sample some good food then head out for...


..A magical place wander among the standing stones and take time to feel and listen, it has a lot to say. Although there are always visitors there's plenty of space to lose yourself in, hunt for those leylines! There's also a grest vegetarian restaurant nearby.


Well if your looking for adventure get a map a visit all the red triangles(ancient sites), Palenque(above) an amazing place well worth the struggle to get there, situated basically in the jungle, a very powerful place,then hit the coast for some R'n"R make sure you visit Tulum-ruins next to the sea(above right).


Such a vast and varied country currently I only have information on areas west of Texas. Friends spent time travelling from Texas to California and back again here are some recomendations.

Colorado - Durango, Mesa Verde(worth camping for a couple of days to see it all) If your lucky you'll get a guide who will explain some of the Navajo Indian way of life.

Every national park in Utah - you won't be disappointed.

A must is the Grand Canyon don't just visit but get yourself a backcountry pass and hike down to the valley amazing sights peace and quiet even refreshments available if required at the bottom but take it easy on the way back.


Another great place south from the Grand Canyon it's like building a town in the middle of a national park very busy at weekends and accomodation wasn't that reasonable but there's hiking and quite a lot of energy vortexs to explore. Of course lots of shopping oppourtunities.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon - Big trees, clean air and the occasional bear crossing the road if your lucky. More of California - Yosemite(try and avoid W/ends - too busy), San Francisco and head north over the Golden Gate up Hwy 1(also south to LA), Redwood National Park - more trees. then head for Mt. Shasta

- small town but another major energy centre, as the locals say "where heaven meets earth"- go up the mountain and watch the world go by. Who lives underneath ?

Mt Shasta reaches 14 162ft up to the sky and can be seen (when there's no pollution) up to 200 miles away. Sites on the mountain were used for the training of native american medecine men and the collection of medecinal plants.


send me a mail pictures and travel info.

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