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The word chakra means "wheel," in sanskrit and they appear to people who can see them as spinning wheels of coloured light. They are a part of the aura, in simple terms the aura reflects our current thoughts, feelings, health and the and the chakras focus and exchange the engery flow into and from the physical body.

These centres, and their interconnecting pathways (meridians) were charted by the Chinese, Indians and other Eastern races, thousands of years ago. Modern versions of these charts are still widely used today, in many types of alternative medicine and body work, i.e., acupuncture and reflexology.

The Main Chakras and Their Corresponding Colours and Positions

The chakras of which there are many - over three hundred, but most schools of thought recognise there to be seven main ones, form a complex grid or network throughout the body.

1. Base - (Sanskrit: Muladhara) -
red - located at the base of the spine, relates to physical energy & being grounded.
2. Spleen - (Sanskrit: Svadhishthana) -
Orange - located at the navel area, relates to creativity and feelings.
3. Solar Plexus - (Sanskrit: Manipura) -
yellow - located at the mid-chest area lower sternum, relates to mental powers.
4. Heart -
(Sanskrit: Anahata) - green - located over the heart), relates to universal love and compassion.
5. Throat - (Sanskrit: Vishuddi) -
blue - located at the throat area., relates to communication.
6. Brow/third eye - (Sanskrit: Ajna) -
violet - located between the eyes, relates to psychic perception and intuition.
7. Crown - (Sanskrit: Sahasrara) -
gold - top of head, relates to the connection to the universe - oneness.

The main chakras are related to the bodies major internal organs, glands, nerve ganglia and the spinal cord. Secondary and minor energy centres are attached to joints, minor glands and nerve clusters, throughout the body.

The chakras transform and manipulate the bodies energy passing energy around the body and taking care of life processes - both physical and non-physical. They absorb and store energy from sources around us.

Energy sources such as food, water, oxygen, sunlight, planetary/cosmic energy, love, music. are very subtle, but all are necessary for us to live a balanced life.

The chakras as mentioned can be seen clairvoyantly as wheels or more commonly described as coloured vortexes, they can also be felt or sensed as a pulsing or throbbing warm sensation. They can be detected by dowsing or singing bowls used properly (the vibrationary tone changs etc.). In order for a chakra to be detected it has to be active and most of us today do not have all there chakras 'wide open' so to speak and active.
Which is important to focus on as all the chakras need to be functioning in order to sustain a healthy life, they are all connected and play a part in the overall health of the physical body.

The power of each chakra in any particular person, is reflective of that persons individuality and lifestyle and there spiritual, moral development. The energy from the chakras is integrated into the aura causing the dominant colour hue seen clairvoyantly.

Just as the human body have chakras so does the earth, with 7 main energy centres spread throughout the world and hundreds of minor centres also.

The 7 main earth chakras are alleged to be located in the following countries :- Tibet, England, Egypt, Austrailia, USA.

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