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There are many different types of massage originated from different cultures throughout the world below I've mentioned several although the list will expand, with a brief description of each.

Massage The Benefits

Swedish Massage

Sports Massage






Massage The Benefits Of....


Massage is a therapy which has existed for a very long time and has many different forms but the basics are very similar. Massage involves the interaction of people and the therapeutic act of human touch, something which seems to be lacking and the intentions of often misconstrued in modern society.

Many people see massage as just involving your back or neck and just being a quick "rub". Hopefully now people are becoming more aware of the benefits of different massage therapies and as information on them is more widely available these views and attitudes will change.

When a person goes for a massage they are presented with a safe environment where there is controlled lighting, gentle music playing in the background, a comforting aroma greeting there senses and the feeling of privacy and security.

The practitioner will be able to determine the level and type of treatment required by a variety of methods and intuition, so whether there’s over or under - toned muscle tension, an ongoing physical injury or preventative treatment it can be addressed. The client starts to relax, there conversation slows down they become quiet this will occur when for one of the few times there mind is able to empty of their everyday thoughts whether work or home related, there body treated to the touch of hands, they begins to slow down. This slowly changes there state of awareness freeing their own body to work on healing itself with it’s own resources correcting imbalances reestablishing the energy flow within.

It takes a lot of energy and resources to perform every day tasks whether it’s moving parts of your body, talking, thinking - when these tasks are stopped the energy & effort is redirected on the repair and maintenance of your own body, effects of this type of exercise are evident in ancient forms of oriental martial arts.

With regular massage, tension in specific areas accumulated over a long time can be gradually relieved, the massage can help to not only treat conditions but as a preventative relaxing complimentary therapy.

You’ll develop a calmness and peacefulness from regular massage which will help to allow yourself to have a "timeout" on everyday life and maybe promote a different outlook on your daily routine. This change in your perception on things may even help to prevent you from getting into the same situations where you encounter stress & tension.

During the massage many physical processes are aided and initiated, the circulation of blood throughout the body is assisted, this is important as during the massage we are flushing the muscles * tissues of waste products, also helped along is the movement of lymph fluid which unlike blood relies on physical stress to be circulated.

The flexibility of muscles is addressed, during our lives we adopt certain physical positions which in a way are lazy, we slump in the chair at work lay stretched on the sofa at home and our bodies/muscles remember these positions and become limited in there movement. When muscles are massaged they can be contracted and relaxed in the positions and range of motion that they should be able to attain.

Over time we store memories and emotions within different areas of the body, some are good and happy feelings others are what we have tried to hide because we at the time haven’t been able to deal with them. Physically interacting with these areas may bring these issues to the surface in a way where we can deal with them in a less traumatic fashion, they can then be stored away without having any outstanding emotion or action attached to them.

Obviously depending whether you express a preference on how you want to feel after the massage you should walk away with what could be described as a "relaxed glow", where you feel that your body has been manipulated but in a pleasant way. Your mind will be fairly inactive and ideally if your preference was to feel totally relaxed you shouldn’t have too hectic an afternoon/evening planned.

So we can conclude that receiving regular massage not only helps us to deal with issues relating to the physical level such as pain, strains and tension but also on the emotional and mental levels. It also allows us to slow down and let the body work upon itself and the mind to have a few precious moments where it is restful.

There is the addition factor that spending money and time on massage also reduces the time we have to spend on activities which may not be so beneficial to our lives.

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