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Colour Therapy

Colours have been used to heal from the beginning of time. Everything in the universe vibrates at different rates that includes colour, different parts of the body respond to the different colour vibrations, also colour is absorbed visually and affects the pitiitary gland. hence working with colours has a great effect on us.

These colours represent different energy centres within the body(chakras), there are quite a few but you could say seven main ones, click here to find out more.

Everyday sources of Colour

Violet - candles, images, clothes

Indigo - clothes, light

blue - water, moonlight, clothes, lighting

green - plants, green fields / forest.

yellow - candles, sunlight, lighting

orange - clothes, flowers, lighting

red - clothes, red roses, lighting


Effects aided by colour

Balance - rainbow colours in sequence from red -violet-white

Calming as above or green

voice/communication - blue

Unconditional love - pink, green

Healing - blue white

Protection - white

Sex drive - orange

Enlightenment - violet, Indigo

Grounding - red

Everyday Hints - Colours :-


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