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There are so many books available on philosophies, spiritualism, healing and more that it's sometimes difficult to find a good book covering the subject you need. The books listed here are recommended by myself, friends and others via email, I hope they provide nourishing information for your body & soul - enjoy!!

Any recommendations please email me.

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"Angels and Other Mysteries of the Tree of Life" - M. Aivanhov

"The Sacred Magic of Angels" - David Goddard - This book presents an overview of the different angelic entities, some history, a brief description of there powers and fairly easy to follow rituals you can perform. Obviously there maybe some points not everyone agrees on but I found the book very informative****

"A Dictionary of Angels" - Gustav Davidson - This definitive list of angels collected from all the faiths has to be the largest list I've ever seen, very useful, however can be a little confusing as different names are quoted by different faiths etc..


"The Physics of angels" - A theologian & biologist explore angels using classics , bible, physics, cosmology , worth a read if your an angel fan.


"Story of the Soul" - Edgar Cayce

"The Ascended Masters book of ritual and Prayer" - Edwin Courtenay - Unfortunately this book isn't available published in English which is a shame, perhaps if people try and order it the interest will be passed to the publishers and we may see it soon!

"Dictionary of Symbols" - J.C. Cirlot brilliant book of symbols, very detailed and comprehensive a must have for people interested in or performing readings.

"Signposts" - Denise Lynn One of the better dream/symbol books available if you want a quick brief interpretation, it's easy to read and has a comprehensive introduction. For a more detailed interpretation or for Tarot/cards/readings use with "Dictionary of Symbols".

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"Hands of light" - Barbara Ann Brennan A very interesting if a little expensive book which looks at the 'Aura' or 'Human energy field' in-depth with good visual interpretations. Having a great interest in the healing field I found this book very useful to read and as a reference manual.

"The Healers Manual" - Ted Andrews This book presents different methods of healing and is quite useful as an introduction and for more experienced people.

"The Miracle of Colour Healing" - Vicky Wall - The beginnings of Aura-Soma, a very interesting book which also includes descriptions of the balance bottles.

"Colour & crystals - A Journey Through The Chakras" Agreat book to start with if your interested in crystal healing and the chkras, theres is lots of information and practical recommendations without being too complicated.


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"The Macdonald Encyclopedia of Rocks & Minerals" A practical guide to rocks and minerals with good pictures.

"Love is in the Earth" - Melody - The crystal 'bible' an absolute must for anyone interested in crystals, I've found it to be very informative and accurate if a little daunting to start with, it' helps to combine it with the pictorial book to see example s of the rarer types of stones "Mineralogical Pictorial"

"Mystery of The Crystal Skulls " - An account of a search for crystal skulls by two people who had no real pre-conception of there powers or history - very informative.

"Crystal Alley Cards" - A must for all crystal fans, basically another card method for readings specifically designed for crystal fans, the pack contains a handbook which presents interpretations and different card layouts the artwork is wonderful.

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Warriors Path

Dan Millman

"Way of the Peaceful Warrior" - Dan Millman A book written about a college guy who 'bumps' into a 'wise man' who introduces him into a way of living. The book is very easy to read and keeps you turning the pages. A very enthralling introduction into a shamanic lifestyle for the modern day.

"Sacred Journey of The Peaceful Warrior" This is the sequel to 'Way of The PeaceFul Warrior'

"Everyday Enlightenment : The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth" From his own development Dan has broken down lessons in order to show you how to live your life a better way.



"The Alchemist" This book tell the story of a young guy in an almost fable like fashion, it seems to penetrate on different levels and it's so easy to read. A lovely book.

"Veronika Decides To Die:" Another brilliant book, it tackles difficult topics very well - a girl decides to take an overdose which results with her being sent to a mental institution where she realizes that life maybe a little more fufilling than she thought.

"The Pilgrimage" An absolutely brilliant book about a guy that decides to take time off from everyday life and finally undertake the 'Pigrimage' a definite page turner. Also included at the end of each chapter is an exercise to help you along. I just wanted to pack myrucksack after reading it and hit the road myself!

"By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept"

"Power of The Witch" - Laurie Cabot A really good read exploring the history of Wicca, with some modern day practice as well, a good overview although I'd suggest obtaining some more information regarding the practise of if you want to explore Wicca more fully.

Carlos Castaneda

What can I say about Carlos briefly and do justice to these books? All I can say is that I've read all of them and found them absolutely fascinating and intriguing. When I was introduced to them the term 'Shaman' was unknown to me, but Carlos introduces a whole way of life and thinking without even mentioning the term. I can recommend that if your thinking of embarking on these books read 'The Active Side of Infinity' first as it's like and introduction or a summary to wet your appetite..

"The teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge" This book is really in two parts the second being an exercise or notes on the first - not really somthing I looked at.

"A Separate Reality",

"Journey to Ixtlan",

"Tales of Power"

,"The Second Ring of Power",

"The Eagles Gift"

"The Fire From Within",

"The Power of Silence"

"The Art of Dreaming"

"The Active Side of Infinity"-read this one first if you like it you'll love the others!

"The Wheel of Time" This is an interesting book which is compilation of the 'most intersting' statements / quotes from the book.

"Magical Passes"- This book contains the movements shown to Carlos in order to work upon his energy body, I've found this interesting as a lot of the movements seem to resemble forms of Chi-Kung & Tai Chi.

"Castaneda for Beginners" - At last an easy to understand explanation of Carlos's life presented in a cartoon form.


"Awakening the Buddha Within" - Lama Surya Das An interesting introduction into buddhism and more, a book for everyone to read.

"The Witch's Dream" -Florinda Donner-Grau Written by a female carlos 'team member'

"Crystal Vision : Shamanic Tools for Change & Awakening" This is an interesting book which covers the construction and use of various shamanic tools, definately worth investigating, tools created by yourself for your use are more personal.

"American Indian Prophecies" - Kurt Kaltreider

"The Sacred Ways of a Lakota" Wallace black elk an amazing life story, a rare insight into a 'real' native american shamens life.

"Return of the Bird Tribes"- Ken Carey - native american spirituality - Definately a book to read if you have an interest in the subject a must read!

'The Third Millennium" - Ken Carey - Not as easy for me to read as 'Return of the Bird Tribes' as it's in my on-going pile.

Barbara Marciniak

"Bringers of The Dawn"

"Earth : Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library"

"The Family of Light"

"Channelling For Everyone" - Tony Neate A good and safe guide into the world of channelling, lots of infomation and practical exercises with some energy work as well.

"Practical Aromatherapy" - Shirley Price A very informative book on the subject, includes a decription of the benifits of different oils, massage strokes, oil blends and a diagnosis chart.

Master Lam

"The Way of Energy" All you need for an introduction to chi kung, includes exercises for the beginner onwards.

"The Way of Healing" More information on energy(chi) and health.

"The Feng Shui Handbook", "The Personal Feng Shui Manual" Feng shui by someone who is definately an expert.

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Other books

"Nothing in This Book Is True, but It's Exactly How Things Are",

"Something in This Book Is True" Bob-Frissell, If your feeling as if your sorted on your direction or path then read these books for a complete shake up, they'll keep you awake at night thinking. I couldn't put either of them down until I had finished although there were issues which I wasn't to sure of but then what does he title say!

"The Return of Merlin" - Deepak Chopra - Definately an entertaining read, a pleasant change of pace, the retelling of a story of Merlin set in the present day.

"THOTH" TAROT PACK - One of the 'better' Tarot packs I'm told.

"Creative Visualization" - Shakti Gawain A small book but definately very interesting and if you can follow the poignant issues than I'm sure you'll fell a lot happier with everyday life.

"Meetings With Remarkable Men" - G. I. Gurdjieff It may take a few pages to get into but well worth it, from one of the great philosphers.

"The Complete Yoga Book" - James Hewitt A comprehensive guide to different forms of yoga with pratical exercises, unfortunately only black & white line drawings included.


"The Emerald Tablet : Alchemy for Personal Transformation' - Dennis William Hauck

"The Way of the Wizard" - Deepak Chopra - lessons we should all read one chapter at a time take you time and let the information sink in before moving on.

"The Celestine Prophecy" James Redfield - In the beginning everyone read this book there is some very interesting topics presented here in an easy way for everyone to read not matter what your beliefs


"The Four Agreements : A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom a Toltec Wisdom Book" - Miguel Ruiz, Don Miguel Ruiz An interesting little book in which is shared a Toltec 'code of conduct', definately one for every 'warrior' to read!


"Step-by-step Massage for Pain Relief" - Peijian Shen As a massage fan I found this book very useful with easy to follow suggestions and advice.

"The Healthy Vegetarian" - Sri Swami Satchidananda I'm sure we all know the importance of a balanced diet free from chemicals etc. this book is very helpful if you wish to embark on a 'Vegetarian Lifestyle' we should all just try for a month and see how different we feel.

"The Secret Life of Nature" - Peter Tompkins - spiritualists & scientists discover that the elementals are out there., there's evidence. Not really a light book to read but very informative..

Dalai Lama "The Four Noble Truths" Fundamental Buddhist teachings.

"The Way to Freedom"

"The Art of Happiness"


"The Dalai Lama's Book of Daily Meditations" This contains selected thoughts and statements by the Dalai Lama put together in calendar form presenting a 'thought' for each daily meditation, I'm finding it interesting to meditate with these statements.

"Ancient Wisdom, Modern World"

"Freedom in Exile : The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama"

"Living Qigong : The Chinese Way to Good Health and Long Life" - John Alton I'm finding Chi Kung an alternative to spending so much time at the gym!

"Conversations with God", "Conversations with God Book Two" - Don't let the titles put you off very interesting books. Basically channelled material responding to the authors questions, definatively worth having a look.

"Autobigraphy of a Yogi" - A classic the life of Paramahansa Yogananda A fairly big book but a must for anyone interested in the life of a Yogi.

"Man's Eternal Quest"

"Living with the Himalayan Masters" - Swami Rama - My current read, an excellent report of a journey meeting the 'wise' people of the Himalayans.

"Siddhartha" Herman Hesse

"King Arthur: The True Story" - G. Philips, M. Keatman No-one really knows the true story however I found this book very interesting and a compelling read, there's lots of research done and a few myths dispelled.

"Uriel's Machine" - Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas I'm still reading this one, for anyone interested in ancient sites & buildings this is definately worth a read.

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travel adventures & pilgrimages

"Rough Guide - USA"

"Mysterious Britain" A great book for exploring Britains standing stones, mounds, sacred sites.

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