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Glossary of Terms


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- A -

Astrological sign of Gemini.This stone is a variegated form of chalcedony and assists in balancing the physical and emotional energies with the etheric energy, stabilizing the aura and eliminating negativity.
Also used for sight, circulatory disorders.

Akashic Records
Akashic is a Sanskrit word, the records are said to be a library containing everything that have ever happened in the universe.

Astrological of Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn. This is a form of Quartz and appears in varying shades of violet(different shades denote place of origin). Promotes feelings of peace, gentle yet particularly powerful stone, known as the stone of spirituality, strengthens skeletal structure, provides protection from psychic attacks. Helps you to sleep if held or placed under your pillow. Stone of transmutation.


Balance, creates a protective environment, aids communication on a less physical level.


The Egyptian symbol for eternal life.


A powerful stone aiding in the connection with otherworlds, can help with meditation, clarity in spiritual pursuits.


Aids in the absorption of knowledge, resonates strongly with the throat chakra cleansing & activating.  A stone which crosses ones path at the appropriate time.


Good stone to help us deal with stress & anxiety, bring warmth to our being.



Quartz family – mostly green, a heart stone clearing & opening a good partner to rose quartz.


Astral Body
When we sleep our soul transfers from the physical to astral body the two bodies are connected via a silver etheric cord from the back of our necks. When in the Astral body we can travel the astral regions and communicate with others using our will - called astral projection.


Lord of flame, invoked via other archangels, "thursday".

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- B -


Green/red patches, helps one to be in the now and to deal with the current situation, harmony amongst turmoil.


boji stones
browish black in colour, found in the USA, normally in pairs - male and female. They have good balancing and general healing properties, also very good for grounding purposes. work with them to help balance the masculine / female side of your nature. unfortunately they are quite expensive, when bought they should be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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- C -


Placing an associated colour of calcite onto a chakra will help to cleanse and activate it causing a similar effort to sweep through the other chakras.

Mangano Calcite

Looks good enough to eat! Higher heart stone, aids in mobility when suffering from muscular/structural problems.


Agate family – protects from a range of negative emotions, stimulating the self & allowing ones natural abilities to come forward.


Enables communication with the higher realms, remembering of dreams providing balance & a feeling of release.


Strongly connected with the heart & throat chakra this crystal enables the voicing of feeling from the heart on an emotional level.


Balancing the heart chakra this stone promotes a feeling of peace and being. Allowing the recognition of spirit body & mind.


Quartz family – a stone of balance aiding intuition, reasoning, creativity & empowerment. Resonates with the solar plexus center.

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- D -

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- E -

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- F -


Helps to stimulate energetic repair of the aura,  provides a balancing calming air, an all-round healer.

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- G -

Angel of the west, of the moon, giver of vision, regent of the element of water. Day of invocation is "Monday".


A sacred healing stone used by many native tribes. Love and devotion providing a feeling of security and that change aids life.


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- H -


Holding this stone will provide a strong feeling of grounding and relaxation, time slows, our earth connection is strengthened and we become at ease & tranquil.



Egyptian sky god, eyes are the sun & moon, wings spanned the heavens.
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- I -


Mother of Horus - taught by thoth, representative of the ideal wife and mother.

Incarnate angels
Angels that have taken human form upon the earth. For specific tasks. Also this is a way of assimilating information on humankind to the angelic consciousness.


Used in ceremony & healing to call spirits, strengthens the physical body. Resonates with the more psychic & spiritual centers of the body. Mostly blue/purple.


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- J -


A stone used by the Mayans for ritual, a dreamstone enabling the manifestation of the dream into reality.


A sacred & magical stone, helping us to share with others and knowledge that we are not alone. Promotes general health.


one of 28 angels that rule over the 28 mansions of the moon.

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- K -


A calming stone particularly focusing on the throat chakra but affecting the whole being, also helps to align the chakras. There is no need to cleanse this stone.

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- L -


Feldspar family, aids with transformation, linked to alchemy and a favorite of the magician. Empowering and linked with the goddess. Helps us to see through the veils.


Lapis Lazuli A stone which aids psychic abilities and the development of wisdom in order to comprehend ancient knowledge. A night sky with golden stars.


Only found in the Dominican republic, resonates with the throat chakra, helps with understanding if experiencing challenging times.


A stone of transition helping one through changes within their life promoting an open & honest outlook.

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- M -

"Prince of countenances, master of wings. Overseer of creation and human evolution." is closet to the divine/god communicates directly.

Angel of the sun, lord of flame, rulership. Day of invocation "Sunday".


Helpful with recapitulation of one’s life and clearing all the chakras, resonates with the heart, empowering the self to be responsible for their actions.


A very empowering feminine energy can be promoted using this stone, allows you to tune into your intuition and emotions.



Tektite(meteorite glass) found in eastern Europe, rarest type, formed over 15million yrs ago, is the only known gem quality extra-terrestrial stone. Stimulates cooperation with ET origins and earth dwellers. Takes you to your home that you have been absent from. Potential for inter-dimensional connection of galactic energies required to aid ones preparation for ascension & illumination. One will see more clearly and see with an expanded vision the vibrational territory to which one has ventured and yet to be explored. Works well over third eye throat and crown chakra. When used in hands allows capability to feel form of messages and source. Quartz amplifies, doesn’t work well with all stones however sugilite, celestite, diamond, lapis, opal ok. Do not cleanse with salt water.

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- N -

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- O -

Sign of Sagittarius. Is actually a volcanic glass, easily recognisable by its texture. Obsidian has very good grounding and protection properties, used in crystal healing to provide clarity regarding the disease. Helps to dissipate anger, worry & grief. different types found black, snowflake, apache tear, rainbow, sheen and a little rarer blue and green.


A volcanic glass, used for grounding and protection but can also be used to stimulate your inner vision.

Apache Tear Obsidian

Said to be the tears of women folk crying into a stream to mourn the loss of warriors in battle. Helps with grief and letting go of negative emotions towards others.


Mostly black, gives strength to those following their path, helps to center & relieve grief, useful for problems relating to the feet.


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- P -

amazing properties, aids clairvoyant development, increase connection with spirit. balnces mind body & spirit. its suprising that this stone is not more common.


A golden metallic stone helping to protect against negative energy and assists us with our earth connection.

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- Q -

Astrological sign for all.. Amazing number of variations and forms, helps the thought process and amplifies your energy. Works well with heart & throat chakra, excellent for meditation when used over the brow-centre.

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- R -

Angel of the east, healing hand of the divine, communication. Day of invocation is "Wednesday".


A heart centred stone helping with balance of the heart and emotions strongly promoting love in every thing we do.





Stimulates the heart chakra promoting unconditional love and a potential to achieve in our given exploits.


Rose Quartz

Helps to create a calm and safe environment, promotes unconditional love, eases emotional issues & heals at a heart level.


A protective regal stone, providing a shield against non-physical attack, a vivid light to strengthen & focus spiritual your spiritual path.


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- S -


Aids the unfolding of spiritual energy(kundalini) from the root chakra up through the higher chakras.

Smokey Quartz

Whilst having properties of the qurtz family it is also used for grounding and to transmute negative energy.


Very useful to assist with mental activity helping one to think clearly and process information accurately. Also aids communication on this level.


A stone of spirit, opens one spiritual connection. Used to ease physical pain. Very powerful.


Astrological sign of Sagittarius. Appears in shades of blue with white flecks, aids the though process, use if one needs to make an important decision This stone is ideal for use within groups of people. Use if you’re having a bad time – place over the third eye.

Egyptian symbol for rebirth, represents a new beginning.

Presiding lord of the planet jupiter, invoked from the south.

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- T -


Stimulating the throat enabling the communication of visions and messages from spirit.

 Tiger Eye

Helps to enhance psychic ability, but can also resonant with those having an earthy connection.


Available in many colours, pink allows us to promote love in what we do, black filters away negativity, green enables looking from the heart. Peace & understanding from the heart.


Astrological Sagittarius, Leo, Pisces. Represented in different shades(golden, blue, clear). Aid in the dispersal of remove negativity, promotes creativity within the individual, this stone can also be used as a library to store information and energy.

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- U -

Angel of the north, regent of the element of earth. This archangel is immensely powerful and it's said was sent to destroy Atlantis. Day of invocation is "Saturday". Often appears as an immense being with bolts of electric blue in 'his' aura.

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- V -

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- W -

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- X -

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- Y -

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- Z -

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- # -

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