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The USA & territories Bookstore

There are so many books available on these topics, the books listed here are recommended by myself and friends and should provide nourishing information for your body & soul - enjoy!!

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"The Sacred Magic of Angels" - David goddard - lots of 'angel' information and easy to follow rituals

"A Dictionary of Angels" - Gustav Davidson - the definitive list of angels collected from all the faiths

"The Physics of angels" - A theologian & biologist explore angels using classics , bible, physics, cosmology , worth a read if your an angel fan.



"Story of the soul" - Edgar Cayce

"The Ascended Masters book of ritual and Prayer" - Edwin Courtenay

"Dictionary of Symbols" - J.C. Cirlot brilliant book of symbols used by many tarot readers

"signposts" - denise lynn one of the better dream/symbol book quick and easy to read

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"Hands of light" - Barbara Ann Brennan

"The healers Manual" - Ted Andrews

"The miracle of colour healing" - Vicky Wall - The beginnings of Aura-Soma

"Colour & crystals - A journey through the chakras" great book to start with lots of info without being too complicated.

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"The Macdonald encyclopedia of rocks & minerals"

"Love is in the Earth" - Melody - the crystal 'bible' for pictures obtain the "mineralogical pictorial"

"Colour & crystals - A journey through the chakras"

"mystery of the crystal skulls " - An account of a search for crystal skulls,

"crystal alley cards" - a must for all crystal fans, wonderful artwork and interpretations.

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Warriors Path

"The Alchemist", "Way of the peaceful warrior", "sacred journey of the peaceful warrior" , "Everyday Enlightenment : The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth " - dan millman - brilliant books to show you how to live your life a better way

"The Pilgrimage" a brilliant book your packing your rucksack after reading it!

"By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept" Paulo-Coelho

Carlos Castaneda"The teachings of Don Juan:A yaqui way of knowledge", "a separate reality", "journey to ixtlan", "tales of power","the second ring of power","the eagles gift", "the fire from within", "the power of silence", "The art of dreaming","The Active Side of Infinity"-**read this one first if you like it you'll love the others! "The Wheel of Time","magical passes"- if your exploring the shamanic path you have to read all of these books thenread them again!!!)

"The Witch's Dream" - a female carlos 'team member'

"Crystal Vision : Shamanic Tools for Change & Awakening"

"American Indian Prophecies" - Kurt Kaltreider

"The sacred ways of a lakota" - Wallace black elk an amazing life story, a rare insight into a 'real' shamens life.

"Return of the Bird Tribes"- ken carey - native american spirituality - a must read!

the pleiadians:

"bringers of the dawn", "The family of light", "Earth : Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library"- Barbara Marciniak

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Other books

"Nothing in This Book Is True, but It's Exactly How Things Are", "Something in This Book Is True" Bob-Frissell, If your feeling as if your sorted on your direction read these books for a complete shake up, they'll keep you awake at night thinking.

"The Return of Merlin" - Deepak Chopra - entertaining read, a pleasant change of pace.


"Creative Visualization" - a small book with a big message.

"The way of the wizard" - deepak chopra - lessons we should all read - take you time for them to sink in before moving on.

"The Celestine Prophecy" james redfield - In the beginning everyone read it!

'The Third Millennium" - ken carey - whats next

"the secret life of nature" - peter tompkins - spiritualists & scientists discover that the elementals are out there.

"The Four Noble Truths", "The Way to Freedom","the art of happiness" -dalai lama - buy them!!!.

"Living Qigong : The Chinese Way to Good Health and Long Life" - swap a gym session or two.

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travel adventures & pilgrimages

"The Pilgrimage" - Paulo Coelho,

"Mysterious Britain" A great book for exploring Britain standing stones, mounds, sacred sites.

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